Think you need experience in signage to start a signage franchise? Think again

Monday 30th April 2018

One of the fastest growing business models around, franchising has helped hundreds of enterprises to expand and thousands of entrepreneurs to become their own boss. Franchising has a number of benefits over more traditional business setups. For a start, new franchises are a lot more likely to succeed than businesses that have been started from scratch, and those running franchises are more likely to report their venture as being profitable.

Franchises can be found across a wide range of some of the most profitable industries and that includes the signage industry. If you’re currently considering a move into signage and want to give your business the best chance of success, investing in a franchise could be the way to go.

What experience do you need to launch a signage franchise?

Although some franchised businesses may require investors to have years of relevant experience before they’ll even be considered as a franchisee, signage isn’t one of them. Invest in a Signs Express franchise and you’ll be given extensive training and full support, enabling you to provide high-quality services and run your business efficiently.

In fact, you don’t need any experience in the signage industry before investing on one of our franchises. This opens the opportunity right up to a wide range of business-minded entrepreneurs and helps to ensure we get the most dedicated and talented investors around, no matter what their background.

What do you need to start a signage franchise?

Aside from the necessary investment capital, all you need to start a signage franchise is drive, determination and a professional approach. You’ll be working for yourself but not by yourself, so it’s important that you can demonstrate leadership and can work independently if you’re going to turn your franchise into a real success.

To prove that experience isn’t a pre-requisite to running a successful signage franchise, 95% of our current franchisees had no prior experience in the industry. As long as you have the right approach, you too could either purchase a Greenfield site and launch a brand new branch, or take over an existing venture and make it your own.

Investing in a signage franchise 

If you’re considering investing in a signage franchise, you’ll need to ensure that you do your research into the various locations that are available and that you have the capital necessary to launch your investment. You’ll also need motivation, a good business mind and the willingness and ability to learn new skills.

If you think that you have what’s necessary to make a success of a signage franchise, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with a member of our team to find out more about the opportunities available around the country.