Premium Spotlight

Wednesday 29th May 2019

When looking into the possibility of becoming a franchisee there are several elements you need to consider. One of the common factors often overlooked is the territory in which you wish to operate, this should be a key consideration as this will determine what size your business has the potential to grow to.

What is a territory?

A territory is a geographical area in which you as the franchisee is granted exclusivity to operate, this ‘territory’ will be yours for the duration of your Franchise agreement and will allow you to operate, network, advertise, market and build relationships within it.

However, not all territories are the same, they vary on the business count, size and population, which will determine the scale of the business you can achieve. It’s not always the largest territory that makes something premium, in fact, a larger area with a smaller business count can, in fact, be at the detriment of the business and is why Signs Express has worked tirelessly to ensure territories within our network all have a business count big enough to ensure a viable proposition.

Why choose a Premium territory?

Premium territories are ideal for people who thrive on hard work and want to reap the rewards of owning a business in an area with proven profitability and fantastic potential. Premium territories offer a proven market place in densely populated areas and by having a greater number of businesses in a smaller area, you’re eliminating a lot of the ‘green space’ you would need to travel to successfully service the businesses within the territory. This will greatly improve efficiency and leave you with higher profit margins.

Signs Express have identified a number of premium territories with over 15,000 businesses, a large customer base and extremely high earning potential which are capable of turning over more than £1 million pounds, demonstrating how lucrative these premium sites could be with the right owner at the helm.

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